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Client trust is solely
built on investment return.

Client trust is solely built on investment return.



Client trust is solely built on investment return. Based on this trust, we attract new clients through referrals.


We deny authoritarianism, after-work gathering culture, and excessive dress policies that may hinder investment.


We promote a flat organizational culture that encourages all employees to freely present investment ideas and corporate visions.


Our company grows together with our clients and employees.


We pursue long-term outlooks. The key to investment is becoming an old companion to a good company.

We think flexibly and modestly. We do not cling to established conventions and pursue new knowledge.

Our minds don't fall for a value trap. Indexes such as PER and PBR are supplementary investment information, not absolute standards.

Minimizing risks and volatility using hedge and thorough business analysis leads to excellent performance.

Nothing is more powerful than compound interests in investment. We realize the magic of compound interest through stable investments.

Stock volatility is an investment opportunity, not a risk. Instead of following the market flow, we achieve excellence with thorough analysis and independent thinking.

The market offers many investment opportunities, but not all need to be grabbed. We only take action when we fully identify and understand an opportunity.

A great business is in a growing industry, has remarkable management, and shares performance with shareholders. This is basis of our business investigation and investment.


Investment Ideation

Identify prospective sectors, undervalued firms and/or high-growth stocks, then evaluate investment attractiveness with business reports and IR resources.

Business Investigation

Arrange a company visit or a conference call if expected rate of return is high.

Valuation Review

Compile a report after the visit or conference call, examine corporate performance outlook and valuation.

Internal Discussion

Discuss internally about the report to gauge the investment attractiveness through various perspective of managers.

Portfolio Update

Add prospective high return stocks to the portfolio.

Risk Management

Continuous follow-up and risk management by the stock manager after portfolio inclusion.
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